Recent Secondary News

AHSTW Secondary serves students in grades 7 through 12.  We offer a large variety of courses including college level and AP courses to approximately 260 students.  We share one campus with a brand new Elementary Building next door.

For all Secondary grades, AHSTW is a one-to-one laptop school.  Our laptop initiative, 21.24 (21st Century Skills 24 Hours a Day), gives students access to a MacBook laptop for use throughout the school year at home and at school.  The newest and most advanced software is provided for students to use with the laptops.

AHSTW Secondary has also been named as an IRIS (Iowa's Rapidly Improving Schools) School and has worked to advance student learning through different initiatives such as AIW (Authentic Intellectual Work).

We are proud to be AHSTW!

Carter Symanowicz is a student at AHSTW high school that is currently on a foreign exchange program in Japan. You can follow Carter's blog at